Saturday, October 27, 2012

Using Vectorworks to Design and Share Concepts in Canada, Mexico, and the US

Finding high-tech ways to communicate are sometimes a necessity…especially when the clients are in Mexico, the architect’s in Canada, and the project site and builder are in the U.S. This was the case in the design of the cutting-edge “Natural Balance House” currently under construction on Washington’s San Juan Island, and architect Michael McNamara of Blue Sky Design in Hornby Island, B.C., was up to the challenge.

From the start, he and his clients traded scanned sketches and iPhone photos to make sure they were on the same page. The sketches turned into detailed, three-dimensional renderings using Vectorworks software, giving the clients a real-world feel for the choices they were making. “CAD software gives everyone involved really good information on a current level and is very easy to share,” says McNamara. “You can produce standard blueprints, animations, quick-time movies, and walk-throughs, and it’s great for making changes as the project develops.”

Blue Sky Design

As construction of the home moves into its final months, the clients have sent him photos and measurements for their extensive art collection, major furniture pieces, and the unique area rugs they’re having made by LaBrashe Fine Rug Gallery. McNamara placed those elements in the rooms, all sized to scale and with accurate colors and dimensions. This allowed a virtual walk-through of the home before it was even built.

It’s always great to hear about the unique ways Vectorworks is used in a design process. Thanks to Michael for sharing his story. To read the original press release, please visit the San Juan Islander.

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