Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Visiting San Antonio

Janet is attending the Buffalo Wild Wings Convention at the JW Marriott Spa and Resort in the San Antonio hill country this week, and I came down to spend some time with her. Enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

The resort is about two years old, 1000+ rooms, and is (I believe) the largest Marriott in the country. Very interesting to see a large resort/convention center designed with apparently few, if any, limits. Taking lots of notes unique to this hospitality project. Straightforward design, generally, in the contextual hill country style. There is so much space in the public areas! Much of it has been given over to the monumental design of circulation and gathering spaces. It seems excessive, but I haven't seen it at maximum capacity. I understand it's quite full most of the year.

Must add that the staff here is extremely positive, friendly, and helpful. They seem to be personally interested in the welfare of the guests, and that's a compliment to the company and to the local management.