Sunday, October 4, 2009

LEED-certified projects fall short of projections

While five buildings on Dartmouth’s campus have received LEED certification...(c)ollege energy policy should not be defined by the rating system’s requirements.

LEED standards do not encompass all elements of creating a sustainable building, environmental studies professor Anne Kapuscinski said in an interview with The Dartmouth, explaining that LEED guidelines do not take into account how a building affects biodiversity or the cumulative effect of a group of structures.
“To achieve a sustainability goal, you can’t rely only on a technology— you have to really be thinking about the interaction of the technology, the people and the environment,” she said.
Purcell emphasized that LEED guidelines will still remain a part of the College’s energy dialogue. “What LEED does give us is an opportunity to think about what we’re doing and find ideas for new things to incorporate into this project,” he said.
There are many rating systems out there, and they are not all-encompassing. Choose your goals, then work closely with an architect/designer and a contractor/remodeler to decide how best to achieve those goals. | LEED-certified projects fall short of projections
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