Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Going Green: Step 1 - The Home Energy Audit

Uninsulated Stud Bays ExteriorImage by CBC || Thermal via Flickr
Regardless of the kind and number of energy saving improvements you want to make to your home, or the size of your budget, you need to begin with a home energy audit. You may want to install solar panels, but if you have an infiltration problem, inefficient insulation, thermal bridging, etc., it won't be effective.
An energy audit will show you where to make the most effective improvements and let you establish a program to complete them over time.
The link shows RESNET Certified Rater Members in Texas, but for those visiting from outside The Republic, you can find your state in the pull-down menu in the left column. 
(For an excellent introduction to thermal bridging, see Marc Kleinmann's article at Dallas Green Building.)
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