Saturday, September 12, 2009

Green Building Experts Urge Builders, Designers to Ditch Trendy Jargon and Make Measurable, Affordable Goals

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EcoHome reports on the National Building Museum's Greenovation event last Thursday where the message to builders and designers was to eschew trendy terms and concentrate on measurable goals. 
"Meeting 'the Holy Grail of Zero,”'Bill Sisson’s (of United Technologies) coined phrase for designing net-zero energy buildings, was touted as a reachable goal that could make a real difference."
Energy-Efficient Design, Net-Zero Energy - EcoHome Magazine

Texas Sustainability listens to the needs and goals of our clients in their home or remodeling projects. We deliver coordinated construction documents that align the expectations of cost, schedule, and the homeowner's goals of energy efficiency and sustainability."
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