Friday, July 17, 2009

Texas Energy Efficiency Program

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Green Mountain Energy and Standard Renewable Energy Presents Cash Saving Program to Texas Residents.
“Texas electric utility, Green Mountain Energy Company, and renewable energy provider, Standard Renewable Energy(SRE), have combined forces to help the people of Collin County, Texas conserve cash - at least on their monthly electric bill.

“SRE has offered a State of Texas Solar Panel System Instant Rebate and lowest price guarantee, expiring in the end of July. Texas residents who purchase solar panels during this initiative will receive a $2 per watt instant rebate on installed solar panel systems from SRE and will also have the peace of mind knowing that they are obtaining the lowest solar array price available on the market.

“Green Mountain Utility Company is offering a renewable rewards buyback program, offering credit to Texas customers who install solar panels or other renewable energy producing systems in their home who have excess energy to sell back to the electricity grid.”

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