Friday, July 17, 2009

Green Architect Projects Gaining Ground

Terry Lamb has written a descriptive article on the nature of green architects and green projects. Make certain your designer and builder both understand and are enabling the following concepts.

“A successful green project will reduce waste, use non-toxic materials, and pay close attention to the location and function of the building, as well as the climate that surrounds it. That’s a long way from the old idea of 'one size fits all' construction methods of the past.”

The main concepts that make up a green building are:

  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Use of land
  3. Reduction of waste
  4. Materials used
  5. The sustainability of the project

“Green projects should use energy efficient electrical systems whenever possible, especially in the areas of heating and cooling. Gray water recycling, passive solar design, and the use of renewable power are all elements of this.”

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