Sunday, March 22, 2009

Restore Media Claims Recession is Good for Traditional Building

The Western Metal Supply Co. Building (commonl...

Rethink the potential in those existing structures and dust off your copy of LEED-EB. In a series of letters, Peter H. Miller, President of Restore Media, L.L.C., makes the point that conservation , historic restoration, renovation, “embodied energy," and adaptive reuse of existing buildings can each be employed to create opportunities in our historic and existing building stock. His letter, and his two follow-up letters, present compelling statistics for energy saved in renovation vs. new building, as well as the enthusiasm and commitment displayed at the Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference held in Boston March 11 – 14.
"More than 3,000 attendees came to the event at the Hynes Convention Center, which offered 60 seminars, 100 exhibits of historic products and a variety of workshops and tours."
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