Friday, February 6, 2009

Upgraded House is Net-Zero

You might not know this is a net-zero home that creates at least as much energy as it consumes, but David Bolt, owner of a 1970s ranch on a lake shore in Tennessee, hasn't paid a utility bill since April 2006. Bolt's house is proof that you can work with what you have, don’t have to be fancy or complicated, and can accomplish a lot.

Among the energy-saving measures employed in the home:
* Whole-house electric usage meter
* Windows added for natural daylighting
* CFLs throughout home
* Energy Star appliances
* Clothesline used instead of dryer when weather permits
* All devices with ‘stand-by’ modes are on power strips with switches to eliminate phantom loads
* Operable windows for natural cross ventilation
* Vented roof reduces cooling load
* Whole-house fan
* Tile floors (increase thermal mass of house)
* Lifestyle habits which conserve energy

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