Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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With the flu
and my laptop crashing, it hasn't been a great day. Here are some articles that will help you learn about various aspects of green building and may come in handy if you're thinking about how you can make your home more sustainable.

Texas Legislature working on foreclosure safeguards. Texas Senate is creating a bill to give Texas homeowners 45 days to work out mortgage payments with their lenders.
Give Texas homeowners foreclosure safeguards

Weatherization explained. This service is seen as one boost to green jobs for small businesses.
Weathering The Times: Stimulus Boosts Green Jobs : NPR

Consider your options for green certification. LEED, NAHB, Energy Star, State Code? Alternatives discussed.
Article Details - Daily Journal of Commerce.

15 minute Video explaining heat pumps and how they work.
Solar and Geothermal Certification and Training
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