Friday, December 5, 2008

Green and Sustainable Studies Programs at Cedar Valley College

Cedar Valley College in Lancaster, Texas (outside of Dallas) offers Green and Sustainable Studies Programs in Continuing Education.
Residential Building Performance Technology (Credit Program)
Degrees and Certificates offered:
Associate in Applied Sciences Degree
Residential Building Performance Technology - Rater Certificate
Residential Building Performance Technology - Specialist Certificate
Green Raters Program

In addition, they are offering courses in Commissioning and Contuinuous Commissioning, both essential for LEED certification.
Their catalog states:
"If you are interested in a "green" career, Cedar Valley College offers a specialized degree for building performance specialists and is one of the few colleges that offer technical training in fields related to energy efficiency and green building technology. Cedar Valley College currently offers credit courses and certificates in the green building field. This includes information about HERS and LEED rating concepts. If you are interested in more information about this program or our other Green and Sustainable studies classes, please contact: for Green Raters and Green Technology Programs information
or for Sustainable Development and Sustainable Curriculum Information
or call: 972-860-8041"

Cedar valley College's Energy Efficient Green Building Institute is supported by SECO and has an outreach that is nation-wide. It's wonderful to see the educational system providing responsible green concepts that are accessible to the public at large.